Appalachian's Annual Diversity Celebration: Where Culture Comes to Life

The Annual Diversity Celebration features a wide array of local and international music, eclectic dancing, delectable food and imaginative crafts. Bring your family and friends to a celebration of cultures through art and entertainment. Everyone is invited and everything is free.*

The Diversity Celebration conveys a message of sustainability through cultural interaction and on-going greening initiatives.

15th Diversity Celebration

The 15th Diversity Celebration will be held:

April 5, 2016, from 3:00pm to 9:00pm.

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Diversity Celebration Asia Diversity Celebration North America Diversity Celebration Africa
Asia - These masks were used in something called Qiang Mu in Tibetan Buddhist temples that spread to China. North America- These Native American masks were made of wood primarily and commonly depict animals in dances/rituals.


Africa - This mask is meant to represent Western Africa. Most often times the masks were in human shape and used in rituals to bring the spirits to our plane.
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